Membership, Leadership and Spiritual Development

I. To expand and strengthen KYMCA membership base by 8,650 members annually
II. To enhance the leadership capacities of 865 of the members of KYMCA annually
III. To strengthen Christian Emphasis at all levels of the KYMCA
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Youth Empowerment

I. To strengthen the knowledge and skills of 12,801 youth in KYMCA
II. To develop the physical and mental status of 1,020 young people in KYMCA
III. To provide a platform for linking at least 3400 young people to opportunities annually
A youth doing presentation on ict group work (2)

Vocational Training

I. To Provide Quality and affordable Education and Training to 5000 students by 2023
II. To Enhance Learning Facilities & Infrastructure by 2023
III. To Ensure positive and productive work and learning environment by 2023

Institutional Strengthening

I. To expand and strengthen all KYMCA resource capabilities
II. To strengthen Human Resources functions within KYMCA
III. To enhance learning and knowledge management